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Worksafebc is a Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance company. Worksafebc SIC code is 6331 and NAICS code is 524126.

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3200 employees

Worksafebc Employees

JWJanice Wormald-Twiss
Senior Manager, Experience & MarketingWorkSafeBC
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RGRaman Ghotra
HR ManagerWorkSafeBC
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SCScott Clarke
End User Design SCCM/Modern DesktopWorkSafeBC
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BTBogyo Terry
Director Corp Planning and DevelopmentWorkSafeBC
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MLMary Lovelace
Director, Prevention Planning, Coordination, and Support ServicesWorkSafeBC
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MMMegan Martin
Manager, Industry and Labour Services - ManufacturingWorkSafeBC
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JMJeff Miniely
Director, Divisional Planning, coordination & support servicesWorkSafeBC
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MBMaria Brigard
Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition and Workforce PlanningWorkSafeBC
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HCHeather Cphr
Investigations Legal OfficerWorkSafeBC
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FCFatima Catalan
Procurement Analyst and SupervisorWorkSafeBC
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