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New Asurion Corporation is a Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance company. New Asurion Corporation SIC code is 6331 and NAICS code is 524126.

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United States
8943 employees

New Asurion Corporation Employees

MMMike Mcginty
Senior Director; Technology, Product and Corporate RecruitingAsurion
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RSReehan Shah
Data ScientistAsurion
 @asurion.comGet contact
SDStephen Denny
Field Tech Sales ExpertAsurion
 @asurion.comGet contact
★B★Mauricio Barqueiro
Brazil & Chile Head of Supply Chain Logistics & OperationsAsurion
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IPIan Pruter
Information Technology SpecialistAsurion
 @asurion.comGet contact
DRDarcel Rivera
Quantitative Analyst 2Asurion
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BBBritt Becker
Director, Integrated MarketingAsurion
 @asurion.comGet contact
MLMichael Lee
Director Product & MarketingAsurion
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THThomas Hoffman
Vice President, Product EngineeringAsurion
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JFJade Fox
Senior Manager, Client MarketingAsurion
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