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LeadGibbon’s all-in-one Lead Database platform and LinkedIn Extension make it easy to find anyone’s email address.


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Sales tools designed to find work emails for your leads


Find emails for leads in positions and industries you target with Lead Database.

Want to find anyone’s email address, in any industry, at any position? You can, with Lead Database. Simply identify your ideal buyer using the database filters, select your contacts — and start sending your new leads to your favorite CRM.

LeadGibbon Chrome Extension

Find email addresses from LinkedIn in one click with our LinkedIn Extension.

The easy way to find emails from a LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile or search. With our built-in email verifier, we verify the email’s status as soon as you find it — meaning our LinkedIn Extension is the best extension for building a clean contact list.


Find work emails for your contact lists with Email Enricher.

Have a list of names and domains but no emails? Email Enricher will append and validate email addresses in a matter of minutes, complete with automatic email verification.


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How to find email addresses with LeadGibbon


Find email addresses for targeted leads. Advanced search parameters in Lead Database means you’re able to zoom in on customers in positions and industries that matter for your business before you find their email addresses.


Find emails on LinkedIn in a single click. Our LinkedIn Extension helps you prospect faster by providing you with validated emails for your sales leads. Launch the extension while browsing LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and simply click to find email addresses from Sales Navigator profiles.


You can find emails by name and domain. Not having emails in your contact list doesn’t mean you should lose sales. Simply upload your list in CSV format with the corresponding columns, and LeadGibbon will magically enrich your file with validated email addresses.


A built-in email verifier means you find emails that don’t bounce. Whether you find email addresses on Sales Navigator with our LinkedIn Extension, download email addresses from our Lead Database or use our Email Enricher, we automatically check their deliverability status.


You only pay when we find a valid email address. If LeadGibbon can’t determine that the email is a match, you get our best guess instead — for free!

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A very effective way to find emails of sales leads while listening to my favorite podcast, so that I can send targeted emails to key prospects the next day.

Lee Gladish, Co-Founder at

A Lead Database platform designed to work for you


Find anyone’s email address, no matter their position or industry. Target your buyers, spend less time searching for emails and close more deals.


Use our email-finding tools to generate lists faster and improve the efficiency of your email campaigns with built-in email verification.


Find emails on LinkedIn to generate new customers and build new connections, or use our B2B lead database to grow your business.


LeadGibbon's B2B database finds emails for our leads faster than any other tool that we tried. Having an edge over the competition feels awesome.

John Ratnayake, Sr. Director at Executive Platforms

LeadGibbon is the best way to find email addresses... and so much more

Build up your sales pipeline with leads from our B2B database. Find email addresses on LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get in touch with new leads. Boost your outreach efforts with validated email addresses. All with one tool.

We designed our lead database platform to help you connect with people who matter for your business. With an advanced email lookup engine, built-in email verifier, and a dedicated LinkedIn Extension, you’ll be able to find anyone’s email address.

Discover new leads, put an end to lost opportunities, and unleash your team's sales productivity. Supercharge your lead generation with LeadGibbon.

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