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Factory Mutual Insurance Co is a Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance company. Factory Mutual Insurance Co SIC code is 6331 and NAICS code is 524126.

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United States
5191 employees

Factory Mutual Insurance Co Employees

DJDaniel Juneau
Vice_President and Regional Sales ManagerFM Global
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ABAnthony Borelli
Senior Access VBA Database Developer / Finance Software Application DeveloperFM Global
 @fmg….com(401) Get contact
PMPhilip M.
Assistant Vice President, Cyber Security Consultant - Canada Division LeadFM Global
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SCSandi Connors
Staff Vice President, Brand Communications ManagerFM Global
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PPPaul Pendolino
VP, Regional Sales Manager FM Global
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GAGeorge Arm
Senior Vice President, Chief Client Experience & Sales OfficerFM Global
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FSFrancis Sousa
Sales Vice PresidentFM Global
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DTDennis T.
AVP, EHS Manager, APACFM Global
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RBRoberta Butler
Chief Marketing OfficerFM Global
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LDLindsay Diot
Client Processing SpecialistFM Global
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