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Loews Corporation is a Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance company. Loews Corporation SIC code is 6331 and NAICS code is 524126.

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United States
New York
25298 employees

Loews Corporation Employees

SPSusan Peters @loews.com(212) Get contact
MCMichael Cotler
Senior Portfolio Manager/Vice President - Head of Commercial Mortgage LendingLoews Corporation
 @loews.com(212) Get contact
DEDavid Edelson
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial OfficerLoews Corporation
 @loews.com(212) Get contact
LCLaura Cushing
Chief Human Resources OfficerLoews Corporation
 @loews.com(212) Get contact
HHHerb Hofmann
Vice President, Information TechnologyLoews Corporation
 @loews.com(212) Get contact
MIMadalina Iavarone
Director, Head of Risk ManagementLoews Corporation
 @loews.com(212) Get contact
MSMary Skafidas
Corporate Communications & Investor Relations OfficerLoews Corporation
 @loews.com(212) Get contact
MAMarc Alpert
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & SecretaryLoews Corporation
 @loews.com(212) Get contact
MCMichelle Camacho
Human Resources ManagerLoews Corporation
 @loews.com(212) Get contact
MPMaria Pavlides
HR & Security AnalystLoews Corporation
 @loews.com(212) Get contact
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