How to find leads using Linkedin Sales Navigator and LeadGibbon

Running a scrape is simple. But you must have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription. If you dont please get it, you need it to use our tool.

Download the LeadGibbon Extension #

Firstly, you need the chrome extension in order to connect LeadGibbon with your Linkedin. The tool needs to be installed for the scrape to work.

Download Now and Install.

Run a Search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. #

Sales Navigator helps you find people who are already looking for your services, so you don’t have to spend time going after cold leads. Do that through the top search bar, or use the filters and narrow down your leads.

Click the Export Emails with LeadGibbon button to run the scrape. #

Leadgibbon will launch and ask you name the search and the number of profiles you want to scrape. NOTE: Maximum of 1000 leads per scrape.

Get notified by email when the scrape is complete! #

Leadgibbon will take some time to process the scrape depending on the number of leads being scraped. You can leave the site and you will be notified by email when the scrape is complete. Note: Do not log out of linkedin, or the scape will fail.

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