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Find a valid email address for any LinkedIn profile

5 searches for free. No credit card required.

Supercharge your sales prospecting on LinkedIn


Find emails on LinkedIn

With LeadGibbon Chrome Extension, a valid email address is always a click away. Just open the extension and visit any profile on LinkedIn.


Start more conversations

Make sure all your campaigns have a perfect track record by accessing email addresses that are guaranteed to be delivered.


Take control of your lead list

Chrome Extension seamlessly exports your leads to a cloud-based CSV file, allowing you to keep track of useful data like names, job titles, or company size.


Boost your sales efficiency

Search for anything on LinkedIn, then click Quick Export on the profiles that interest you to instantly sync their data with your CSV file — including email addresses.

Targeted lead lists, one click at a time


Build your own targeted lists with Quick Export. Simply type anything into LinkedIn search, then right click on profiles that you want to save.

Chrome Extension will seamlessly sync these contacts to a spreadsheet on your Google Drive. In addition to verified email addresses, you’ll get access to complete lead data — including full names, job titles, company information, and more.

Putting a valid email address into every LinkedIn profile

We know — email deliverability is critical. That’s why we built a truly powerful verification engine, that will change the way you approach cold email campaigns.

Each verification request pings the server of the company your lead works for. We check for the correct response, and mark email addresses that are guaranteed to be delivered with a green check mark.

This means you can finally send 100% deliverable campaigns. Keep your track record clean.

And to prove how serious we are about providing verified emails, we’ll give you any address that has a more than 1% chance of bounce for free.


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