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A LinkedIn email finder to help you find email addresses from LinkedIn in a single click

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Find emails on LinkedIn as if they’re already there


Find emails from LinkedIn profiles

Open the extension and visit any profile on LinkedIn — with our email finder extension, a validated email address is a click away.

Find Leads

Find emails on LinkedIn search page

Search for anything on LinkedIn, then click Quick Export on the profiles that interest you to find emails instantly.


Find emails and sync them to the cloud

Chrome Extension seamlessly exports your leads to a cloud-based CSV file, allowing you to keep track of useful data like names, job titles, or company size.


Find validated email addresses

With built-in email verification, you find emails on LinkedIn that are guaranteed to be delivered.

How to find email addresses on LinkedIn


With our Chrome Extension, you get validated email addresses in just one click.

Launch the extension and visit any profile on LinkedIn. And click the Reveal button when you want to find emails.

Need to find emails on LinkedIn in bulk? You can do so with the Quick Export button. Type anything into LinkedIn search, then right-click on profiles to find work emails and send them to your spreadsheet!

A LinkedIn email finder with built-in email verifier

We know — email deliverability is critical. That’s why we built a powerful email verification engine to change the way you find emails and approach cold outreach campaigns.

The email verification tool in our Chrome Extension works automatically, meaning you can validate email addresses as soon as you start email lookup.

When you find emails on LinkedIn, our extension pings the server of your lead’s company to check for the correct response. Our LinkedIn email finder Chrome Extension then marks validated email addresses with a green checkmark, meaning you can finally find emails for 100% deliverable campaigns and keep your track record clean.

What’s more, we don’t charge our users if you find emails that we’re not able to verify — you only pay for validated email addresses.


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