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AT&T Inc. is a Radiotelephone Communications company. AT&T Inc. SIC code is 4812 and NAICS code is 517312.

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United States
359758 employees

AT&T Inc. Employees

BPBeth Perez
Lead Talent Acquisition ManagerAT&T
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ESElayne Stona
Strategic Partner ManagerAT&T
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KPKaushikkumar P
Android DeveloperAT&T
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SCSameer Chowdhry
Associate DirectorAT&T
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KAKabir Adatia
Retail Sales ConsultantAT&T
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JPJoy Partruch
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PEPeter Elorriaga
Sr. Specialist - Network SupportAT&T
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EZErik Zavala
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WHWilliam Hyland
Program Management Office - Systems Integrator Sales ChannelAT&T
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CFCathy Frank
Mainframe Network SpecialistAT&T
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