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Amazon is a General Warehousing and Storage company. Amazon SIC code is 4225 and NAICS code is 493110.

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United States
12 employees

Amazon Employees

NCNicole Clancy
Social Media Marketing Lead, Luxury StoresAmazon Get contact
LOLawrence Orr
Senior Brand Manager, Luxury StoresAmazon Get contact
SASoly Abdelhamid
Brand Manager at Luxury StoresAmazon Get contact
JBJosy Blair
Senior Marketing Manager, Luxury StoresAmazon Get contact
AWAubrey Warmouth
Senior Product Marketing ManagerAmazon Get contact
RBRita Barksdale
Director and Category Leader, Amazon Renewed, Home Entertainment, & Video GamesAmazon Get contact
WSWantao Shao
Senior Digital Marketing ManagerAmazon Get contact
ACAlexandra Cohen
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Amazon AdsAmazon Get contact
PJPhillip Johnson
Employee Relations ManagerAmazon Get contact
JSJonathan Snyder
Manager, Technical Program ManagementAmazon Get contact
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