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United Parcel Service Inc. is a Air Courier Services company. United Parcel Service Inc. SIC code is 4513 and NAICS code is 492110.

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United States
454000 employees

United Parcel Service Inc. Employees

RGReggie Grandisonrg @ups.com(205) Get contact
MBMichelle Burdenmb @ups.com(205) Get contact
ABAndrew Bellenger
Senior Account ExecutiveUnited Parcel Service Inc.
ab @ups.com(205) Get contact
WWWilliam Whiteww @ups.com(205) Get contact
LCLisa Chambers
Operations ManagementUnited Parcel Service Inc.
lc @ups.com(205) Get contact
YRYves Rebillard
E Business ManagerUnited Parcel Service Inc.
yr @ups.com(205) Get contact
PFPaul Feltonpf @ups.com(205) Get contact
JSJoe Shirley
Senior Account ManagerUnited Parcel Service Inc.
js @ups.com(205) Get contact
RORon Orcuttro @ups.com(205) Get contact
NANatasha Andersonna @ups.com(205) Get contact
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