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Ulta Beauty Inc. is a Miscellaneous Retail Stores, Not Elsewhere Classified company. Ulta Beauty Inc. SIC code is 5999 and NAICS code is 446120.

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United States
44000 employees

Ulta Beauty Inc. Employees

RFRick Franz
Vice President. Real EstateUlta Beauty Inc.
rf @ulta.com(480) Get contact
AGAnn Gallagher Diemerag @ulta.com(480) Get contact
KAKelly Austin Dawson
General ManagerUlta Beauty Inc.
ka @ulta.com(602) Get contact
MTMaegan Tyra
General ManagerUlta Beauty Inc.
mt @ulta.com(602) Get contact
CPChristian Parker
Operations SupervisorUlta Beauty Inc.
cp @ulta.com(602) Get contact
ARAshley Remos Inserra
Prestige Makeup ConsultantUlta Beauty Inc.
ar @ulta.com(602) Get contact
DJDestini Johns
Professional Makeup ArtistUlta Beauty Inc.
dj @ulta.com(602) Get contact
NDNoely Diegond @ulta.com(909) Get contact
HAHolly Adams
Lancome Beauty AdvisorUlta Beauty Inc.
ha @ulta.com(720) Get contact
SBStephanie Blue
Prestige Sales ManagerUlta Beauty Inc.
sb @ulta.com(720) Get contact
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