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Scotiabank is a National Commercial Banks company. Scotiabank SIC code is 6021 and NAICS code is 522110.

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3 employees

Scotiabank Employees

HSHarpreet Singh
Senior Software EngineerScotiabank Digital Factory
 @sco….comGet contact
SCSameer Charania
Senior Consultant, Talent Acquisition Scotiabank
 @sco….com(800) Get contact
MPMatthew Peloso
Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition - SourcingScotiabank
 @sco….com(800) Get contact
APAshish Pathak
Chief Financial Officer, Asia PacificScotiabank
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PZPouya Zangeneh
Vice President, StrategyScotiabank
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RURobert Urquhart
Managing DirectorScotiabank
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NANicole Avery
Vice President, Global Brand & Media ManagementScotiabank
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TVThomas Viola
Customer Care Investment Advisor Non-LicensedScotiabank
 @sco….com(800) Get contact
ESEric Sisti
Digital Journey Manager - InvestmentsScotiabank
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ACArchit Chitnis
Director, Enterprise StrategyScotiabank
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