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Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program at Morehouse College

Munichia Mccalla-Bull is a(n) Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program working at Morehouse College.

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HGHenry Goodgame
VIce President of External Affairs and Alumni Engagement and Interim VP of Institutional AdvancementMorehouse College
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JMJennifer Mba,
Sr. Research Associate & Project Manager, Experiential Learning & Interdisciplinary Studies DivisionMorehouse College
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PRPaula Resley
Chief Brand Officer and Vice President of Strategic Communications, Marketing, and AdmissionsMorehouse College
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BMBridget Mba,
Director of Career Development & EngagementMorehouse College
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CCChristopher Carter
Technical Support AnalystMorehouse College
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GLGerard Ladson
Facilities ManagerMorehouse College
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GBGina Bennett
Sr. Director of Advancement Technology, Business Intelligence & AnalyticsMorehouse College
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GJGlynnis Johnson
Assistant Professor of MarketingMorehouse College
 @mor….edu(404) Get contact
ZCZuri Cheathem
SGA Executive Deputy Secretary & Branding OfficerMorehouse College
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CBCedrick Buchannon
Master PlumberMorehouse College
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