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Administrative Assitant at Flatiron Construction

Lusia Marin is a(n) Administrative Assitant working at Flatiron Construction.

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JKJessica Knight
Director, Human ResourcesFlatiron Construction
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DPDrew Phillips
Vice President of FinanceFlatiron Construction
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RMRachel Mockler
Vice President LegalFlatiron Construction
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BHBrian Hill
Director, Business DevelopmentFlatiron Construction
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JTJason Tamez
IT Director - InfrastructureFlatiron Construction
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RRRob Rossman
Senior Talent Acquisition LeaderFlatiron Construction
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THTyler Hampton
Sr. HR GeneralistFlatiron Construction
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HSHannah Swick,
Human Resources SpecialistFlatiron Construction
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RKRachel Knapp
Office ManagerFlatiron Construction
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