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Fry's Electronics Inc. is a Computer and Computer Software Stores company. Fry's Electronics Inc. SIC code is 5734 and NAICS code is 443142.

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United States
San Jose
8108 employees

Fry's Electronics Inc. Employees

SGSteve Goulart
Digital Marketing AssociateFry's Electronics
 @frys.comGet contact
IKIndy Khera
Director, Audio, Video, Appliances, Wireless, & Electronic Entertainment Merchandising OperationsFry's Electronics
 @frys.comGet contact
RSRaj Seth
Director of Merchandising & OperationsFry's Electronics
 @frys.comGet contact
RFRegine Freeman Get contact
EBEricka Burns
Customer Service AssociateFry's Electronics Get contact
RDRogel Dios
A+ Mac Certified TechnicianFry's Electronics Get contact
KLKen Lutz
Director Store Merchandising & OperationsFry's Electronics Get contact
JDJohn Decosta Get contact
MJMiguel Jauregui
Computer Department ManagerFry's Electronics Get contact
IWIsaiah Washington Get contact
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