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Founder, CEO at Cuvva

Freddy Macnamara is a(n) Founder, CEO working at Cuvva.

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Other employees at Cuvva

CGChris Greeno @cuvva.comGet contact
HBHugo Besley
Growth Data AnalystCuvva
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KAKevin Adom
Performance Marketing ManagerCuvva
 @cuvva.comGet contact
ATAndy Tomlinson @cuvva.comGet contact
LGLoren Gould
Head of GrowthCuvva
 @cuvva.coGet contact
JCJames Cunningham
Senior Software EngineerCuvva
 @cuvva.comGet contact
RLRyan Lindsey
Head Of CommunityCuvva
 @cuvva.comGet contact
LDLaura Dyett
Customer OperationsCuvva
 @cuvva.comGet contact
JFJames Frsa
Senior Software EngineerCuvva
 @cuvva.comGet contact
PCPaul Chowdhry
Non Executive DirectorCuvva
 @cuvva.comGet contact
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