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Chief Human Resources Officer at Grameen America, Inc.

Diana Sacchi-Martinovic is a(n) Chief Human Resources Officer working at Grameen America, Inc.

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Other employees at Grameen America, Inc.

AJAndrea Jung
President And CEOGrameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
LHLino Huiracocha
Center ManagerGrameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
SNShah Newaz
CEO, OperationsGrameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
AHAshley Haralson
Community Development AssociateGrameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
PRPatricia Rivera-Ortiz
Manager, Human Resources AdministrationGrameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
JGJason Grobstein
Director, Marketing & Communications Grameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
DBDenise Bulgar
Human Resources ConsultantGrameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
JSJaely Sanchez
Senior Staff AccountantGrameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
JIJennifer Ixchop
Center ManagerGrameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
ULUrsula Lalone
Branch ManagerGrameen America, Inc.
 @gra….orgGet contact
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