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Chief Executive Officer at Mesa Airlines, Inc.

Celestina Lazar is a(n) Chief Executive Officer working at Mesa Airlines, Inc.

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Other employees at Mesa Airlines, Inc.

KTKim Tarnowski
Flight AttendantMesa Airlines, Inc.
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BKBrown Kenley
Vice PresidentMesa Airlines, Inc.
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MLMichael Lotz
President and CFOMesa Airlines, Inc.
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JSJohn Selvaggio
Principal ConsultantMesa Airlines, Inc.
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CGCatherine Goss
Flight attendantMesa Airlines, Inc.
 @mes….com(602) Get contact
AGAndrea Garber
crew line adjusterMesa Airlines, Inc.
 @mes….com(602) Get contact
DCDan Cunningham
Senior Purchasing ManagerMesa Airlines, Inc.
 @mes….com(602) Get contact
BGBrad Griep
Maintenance Training InstructorMesa Airlines, Inc.
 @mes….com(602) Get contact
LHLita Hunter
Crew QualificationsMesa Airlines, Inc.
 @mes….com(602) Get contact
GWGina Wilson
Flight AttendantMesa Airlines, Inc.
 @mes….com(602) Get contact
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