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CEO and Founder at Root Insurance Company

Alex Timm is a(n) CEO and Founder working at Root Insurance Company.

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Other employees at Root Insurance Company

JCJacqueline Craiglow
Senior Human Resources Business PartnerRoot Insurance Company
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AWAlexandra Wolfe
HR Business PartnerRoot Insurance Company
 @joi….com(866) Get contact
EBElizabeth Breese @joi….com(866) Get contact
DYDehui Yang @joi….com(866) Get contact
SSSteve S.
Director of Software EngineeringRoot Insurance Company
 @joi….com(866) Get contact
JBJeff Belser
Senior Software EngineerRoot Insurance Company
 @joi….com(866) Get contact
JDJimmy Devine
Lead Software EngineerRoot Insurance Company
 @joi….com(866) Get contact
BBBrian Blubaugh
Customer WhispererRoot Insurance Company
 @joi….com(866) Get contact
CPCherish Pacheco
Training and Development ManagerRoot Insurance Company
 @joi….com(866) Get contact
JLJason Latham
Director Of Operations, Root EnterpriseRoot Insurance Company
 @joi….com(866) Get contact
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